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Farm ospitality





    Available farm accommodation in Masseria in the healthy atmosphere and relax in the country side, ideal to forget daily stress and immerse yourself in an ancient scent sensation, composed by simple emotions, traditions, fresh air, nature’s silence, country sounds fruits harvest from the tree, well coking and genuine eating, practice of outdoor sports, sea, fine sand beaches, Mediterranean scrubs, pinewood and not only…but also entertainment, art culture and typical cooking.

    Spoken languages: English, Portuguese, Italian, L.I.S ( Italian signs language for deaf-mute people)


    The “MASSERIA”


    M ASSERIA CARABELLA was built in 1809 and is a typical family farm house, fitness of ancient Apulia agricultural culture, founded and inhabited by Perrini’s family for quite two centuries, representing a cultural and economical center for rural life of this territory. The Apulia “ Masseria “ is the expression of a social organization of agrarian culture with a fixed settlement, productive and residential that includes together soils for cultivation or sheep-farming, in which there is a central building, stone decorated with local stones as yellow tuff or white stones, between XVII and XVIII century.


    The Masseria is developed following cardinal points: east, north, south, west, around an ample garden, the courtyard, the vegetable’s garden, the hen house, the dovecote, the well, the warehouse, the cellar, the laboratory tools, the stable, the barn. The main area is south fronted with a parking area and a verandah, includes a large stateroom, a small living room, the great family dining room with the fire place and the kitchen, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Outdoor, the courtyard conducts to the western wing where there is an independent entrance, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, pantry, the old cellar and an indoor stair getting on the sunny and ample terrace.

    Open spaces are ventilated and comfortable, organized in different solutions, offers particular and evocative atmospheres. Other places stand around the Masseria: the court yard, the spices garden, the eucalyptus trees, the “figs” well, the orange grove, the terrace sea watching, and the main garden.




    Nature immersed, between oleanders, Bougainville and eucalyptus, rounded by fragrant orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit and olive groves and 50 hectares of vineyards committed to a high quality productions. 


    The SEA


    From the large terrace is visible the sea with its fine sandy beaches, in Castellaneta Marina, reachable 3 km far also by bikes and immersed in a large pinewood, rounded by scented and aromatic Mediterranean scrubs, Rosemary, thymus, myrtle, berries, wild fennel.




    Nafoura Disco, Exstasia Disco, DNA Disco, Bar Kennedy music live, Clorophilla Disco, Garden Lounge Bar, Bar Paradiso live music, Dada bar




    Surrounding territory offers various artistic and cultural itineraries, in Castellaneta, Rudolph Valentino’s the mute cinema myth native’s town, full of beautiful foreshortenings like its lanes in the historical part of the town; St. Nicholas Cathedral and 7 Roman’s Churches, the countryside with its ravines strewed of houses and religious places excavated in the rockies sides; Taranto with its precious ruins, memories of Magna Graecia culture and its archeological Museum where are collected famous jewelry handcrafts founded in urban excavations, named “ Golds of Taranto”; Metapontum’s archeological Museum and Hera’s Temple; Laterza and its naturalistic and protected oasis, managed by LIPU ( Italian Bird Protection Association); Churches and Castel in Palagianello; “ Sassi”, typical houses excavated in the stone, in Matera; Alberobello’s Trulli; Castellana’s Grottos.




    Footing, Mountain Bike, Riding, Soccer, Swimming, Rowing, Golf, Tennis, Surf, Photography, Pinewood and countryside walking, Fishing.




    Increasing of technical and l environmental interests, our firm obtain internationally requests for organization of training visits and stages all year long, offering technical course dedicated to primary and secondary schools, Universities, professional and Cultural Organizations, interested in learning our teachings about environment, eco system, plants, Seasons, healthy food, organic firm, cultivation phases, biological techniques and procedures of vinification, harvest, stum brewage, ageing in tuns, bottling. Our qualified staff is available for the use of Italian deaf- mute language (L.I.S.).




    In the pinewood area you can find: “Oasi della bellezza”, “Gidima” and “Beauty center” shops.




    Our territory offers many food specialties like: “ cacio” local cheese, ripe and fresh handmade cheeses, fresh fish, seafood, extra virgin olive oil and organic wine, typical “fornello” barbecued meet, typical “ Frisella”, a stale bread dressed with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, oregano, salt; Durum Wheat produced Bread and “Focaccia” in Laterza, coke on hot stones in firebricks ovens; the “brasciole” typical sauced meat rolls and “Zampina” typical sausage, etc.

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