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  • Our ancestor, great grandfather Pietro Perrini, with peasant origins, born and growth with family in the countryside, where they owned a great extension of arable lands, oak woods, carob trees ad ilexes. Able farmer, strong man, brave and with passion for animals, he toke care and selected them personally. In fact, his excellent horse bred, named “Perrini” is very appreciated for its beauty, work inclination, vigor, speeds and endurance at adversities.


    Gratified by the love to his family and his work, meet once the Marquis Giovinazzi.

    In that period, noble family Giovinazzi composed by Marquis Raffaele and his wife Fabrizia, receive as devisal a great territory between the most extended of Italy, exactly in Castellaneta’s Lands.

    They came here by train to discover directly their dependencies, rich of sun warmth, rivers, woods, wild animals and they fell in love immediately. Him, nice man educated and gentle, her liberated horsewoman, with a resolute temper, imagine that they’ve found a paradise where to live and growth the family.


    Place is beautiful but after a more realistic glance, they realized that life wouldn’t be as easy as they imagine. The absence of necessary services like running water and electricity is added at alluvial nature of the soil that presents marshy areas with quick sands, ridden of Malaria.

    They haven’t any agrimotors and mechanicals equipment, so work is done exclusively by animal’s traction of horses and ox. People are poor and suffer limited employment, privations and Malaria diseases, eating few earth products, wild vegetables, tubers and roots. They‘re shepherds and wild animal’s hunters.

    Life is complicate but Donna Fabrizia decided to live here and Marquis Raffaele accepts her request only for love.

    To make possible to live there, was essential a deep action of sanification, draining the marshy areas, abating malaria, improving soils and encouraging people to come work in domains..

    Beside, was necessary to create rural factory to transform the earth products like wheat, wine, and oil and develop graziery, to produce meat, and various kind of cheeses.


    So he planned an important project that contemplates main handiworks to realize, to realize, beginning with construction of drainage pipelines for backwaters. To realize all that project , he need a trusty man, honest and worker, so he met Pietro Perrini, considering him able to receive the total responsibility , appreciating his human and professional dowries , his charisma and at least his horses barns and his beautiful black horses that he wanted immediately buy.

    Pietro doesn’t accept without talk with his family. He talked with his wife Letizia telling her that their life could change having also new opportunities and positive changes. After a discussion, family decided to accept the purpose gladly.


    So he starts a sweeping adventure and the two families enlaced a connection that continues until today. Theyrealized drainage pipelines in marshy areas implanting thousands of eucalyptus trees as natural dewatering pumps, builder great Masserie, bridges, rural villages to guest farmers famiglie. They cultivate wheat fields, greengroceries, fruits, vines, olive groves, almond trees, teaching the arts of product transformation, vinification and oil and cheese production.


    Everything happens in a country world, where the hard work is mixed with warm smiles of beloved peoples, the well eating and the ancient relation with nature. After daily works, they had happy times, enjoying to stay together , made cooking classes, parties and hunting and Donna Fabrizia appreciated to spend time with cheery grandfather Vito Perrini, that apart to be a great rider was also a great strategist.

    Every day at 12.30, grandfather Vito play the brassy horn to advice the farmers to stop field’s work and come to have lunch. Grandmother Mimina, great cook and magnificent housewife, knows how to enchant everybody with her gluttonies: tagliolini with fresh eggs made, meat soup, oven-baked chicken with “lampagioni” (typical eatable bulbs growing in Murgia territory), mushrooms and potatoes, “caciocavallo” ripe cheese, roasted peppers, sauced filled pigeons, “Cacciatora” hare, mushrooms in oil, fried artichokes, pork brawn, ricotta cheese and black cherries pie, walnut liqueur and almond sweetish and many other delicacy that I had the fortune to eat, completed by a good glass of grandfather Vito’s wine.


    Today , are really visible the results of his efforts that made the territory florid, productive, and prosper. We thanks our ancestors that created with enormous sacrifices and much love , important opportunities for us.

    Other time’s generation that concurred to fortify a peasant culture based on simple and good valor like love, sacrifice, respect, family, integrity on which are basement of life also after life.

    Our great grandparents Pietro and his wife Letizia died the same day sharing a complete existence until the end.

    They gave us many valor and we have to give them honor, continuing with passion their teachings… remember, learn and transmit to our children. Great thanks!

    Vito Francesco Perrini

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