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The Groves and The Orchard



    Olive trees are impressed plants that when you see them give joy to your soul and changes features in every time.

    On cultivate them everywhere, rather we leave them where they born spontaneously, on ravine’s edges, along vineyards, between orange groves and in farthest wild and rocky fields.

    Olive breeds are: Leccino, Frantoio, Coratino and other spontaneous races, seeded by birds and wild animals. Olives are used to produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil, fruited, intense and persistent.

    But fresh olives are even excellent to be used in different receipt as fried sweet olives, dry olives, salted olives, pickled brine olive, “alla calce” fennel flavored olives, a very specialties to taste.

    Harvest is carefully made handy, directly from the tree at the right time of maturation and immediately cold pressed, leaving to decant oil just pressed for a while. When pulp parcels are sedimented, oil is laded and maintained in steel containers until it would reach complete maturation for bottling, than it would be maintained in darkness and out of warmth. The available packages of extra Virgin Olive Oil are: 5lt, 3lt, 1lt, 750ml, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml.




    Our orchard is the original implant that was created by grandfather Vito an grandmother Mimina, a miscellaneous of fresh citruses, Navel Oranges, Washington Oranges, Tarocco Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruits, Tangerines, Clementine Mandarins, Bitter Oranges, Citrons, Figs, White and Red Mulberries, Loquats, Greengages, White and Black grape, Kakis etc.

    We leaved expressly intact the orchard, as it was when lived our grandparents, not just for a respect for them but because we were grown there, running around and falling down with our faces in nettle or climbing on a fig tree to eat a lot of fruits or hoeing around the grass, whit the promise of a tip by grandfather Vito or the calling of grandmother Mimina to collect fresh eggs for the lunch. May be that real reason is that we miss them so much and we desire to feel us more closed to them, in this way.

    Him, in the orchard , is a charming fellow, with a discrete air and a little bit snob, like who wear voluntary disarrayed as a jeans and t- shirt, intellectual but sapiently silent and deep scanner of people.

    Tree-trunks ivy enfolded ingrowths since long time, bird’s nests are all round , cattish bees searching for pollens, you can meet a tiny hedgehog stretching its paws.

    But the amazing moment is at dawn, every day , when the orchard is filled of intense smells, delicates, fragrant, even different and fascinating as not repeatable but the same in the magical sensation that seems it wants to gift you. It’s its way to give back the grace of existence. Taste its fruits is an unforgettable pleasure.




    Spices and fragrant plants growths in isolated areas , where other plants aren’t able to grow. They are strong, fragrant, different but together living in the natural respect.

    In the great bouquet we have: Thymus, Rosemary, Oregano, Laurel, wild Mint, Myrtle, Wild Fennel, sage, Wild Capers.




    Wild chicory named “Cicoriella”, Wild vegetable named “Sivone”, Field Beet, Wild Asparagus, Mushrooms, Purslane, Root of weeds, Nettle, Mauve.




    Orange, lemon, tangerine and grape marmalade. 




    Toasted almonds cookies, wine, fennel and chili pepper flavored bagels. 




    Wine vinegar aged in durmast tuns.




    Sheep’s raising is in wildness on plain-air and animals have spontaneous herbal grass as pasture.

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