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Biodynamic Farming


    Biodynamic farming means tilling, observing, living soil according to a life philosophy which appreciates the whole harmony of a cultivated field, the cycle of the seasons and of the time.

    Using the biodynamic method, farming is in harmony with nature, earth and man. Fertilization, growing and breeding are made with methods which respect and enhance fertility, vitality of the soil, specific qualities of animal and vegetal species. The deep bond with nature, the complete respect of its rhythm, the soil and plants management following cosmic and moon cycles aim to eliminate the employment of pesticides and fertilizers.


    Among the ideal requirements to create a biodynamic farm there is the presence and breeding of animals.

    This in an important factor for the production of compost which becomes a precious element for increasing soil vitality after a proper composting process.

    According to biodynamic method, soil fertility and vitality shall be obtained by natural means such as compost produced by animal defecation and vegetable materials such as pruning waste, grape harvest leftovers, leaves, fruits, green manure of spontaneous grass etc., further to crop rotation, mechanical pest control, defence products made by mineral and vegetal materials.


    By enhancing the biological activity of the soil, the vitality of micro organisms increases, and plants benefit from this growing stronger and healthier, simply fed by soil, water and air ecosystem. Soil feeding and care aim to achieve and keep this fundamental equilibrium.

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