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Social engagement



    Brazilian waifs distance adoptions

    Association Subscription to Onlus Beppe Valerio for children’s nephrology diseases defense

    Subscription for schools construction in Africa

    Promotional Initiatives for AIRC Italian association for cancer research

    TELETHON found - raising

    Partnership with CARITAS

    Social insertion and employment of Africans, Indians and Georgians Peoples

    Social Insertion of disadapted peoples




    Training room completely equipped

    Organization of outdoor training stages directly in field and indoor training classes direct to education of primary and secondary school students, university students, experts and wine amateurs

    Employees training

    Foreign people training




    Research and experimentation

    Ecosystem improvement

    More product health

    Plant’s Quality improvement

    Organoleptic improvement of wines

    Employees training

    Marketing and customer services strategies




    Promotional actions direct to specialized targets of organic market with fairs, guides, newspapers, televisions and general events participations

    Tasting in partner’ shop

    Cultural, Theatre, Musical, show events

    Sponsoring of ecologic sports like sailing, orienteering, cycling




    Over 200 retailers Bio-specialized in Italy, 2000 retailers in the world, express delivery, customer care and constructive feedback




    World diffusion of Organic and Biological Culture and safe environment.


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